More than safety Is the attention and service

We are a leader in providing total safety services. With a strict training course
Seriously, causing our staff to exceed the standard quality of general security personnel

In addition to standards for staff training

In addition to standards for staff training We also receive the standard ISO 9001: 2015
And have been selected To be an ASEAN flag picker in Japan Make sure that this is one of the best security companies in Thailand

our standard

what client says

I have been using this service for over 10 years. The security here is good, consistent, attention to details. Importantly, friendly to my customers. And all of my staff

บริษัท สยามนวธาร จำกัด

Impressed with being very attentive. Report the problem. Take a very quick time to fix. Regularly reported The information is correct and verifiable. Glad to use the service

Toyota Friendship

Very satisfied with the work. Be responsible for good work, do not leave work, do not leave problems for customers to have a headache. I have used the service in many places. Like it here the most Use the service for a long time

The idle residence